Rayonier News Stories

“When the spotter could clearly see the drone within close proximity to the tail hold, Rex used the remote to command the drone to drop the haywire, trying to avoid any tree branches that could tangle with it. After a few minutes of searching, the spotter found it and secured it into place. Rex says that’s just one of the many ways the drone is impacting forestry work. His drone can assist in firefighting, deliver bags of seedlings to planting sites, bring tools to workers whose equipment breaks down in remote areas, and countless other uses.”

TimberWest Magazine

“While the drone has reduced the time spent manually running lines, Matt says he must be more proactive in planning work flow. Depending upon where the new lines need strung, he prefers to fly the drone from the ridgelines to avoid shutting down the tower. When launching the drone, the area needs to be cleared, both on the ground and in the air.”


Tillamook County Pioneer

“On Saturday, March 6, 2021, Chief Jay Marugg, and Garibaldi Fire-Rescue hosted a water-rescue drone demonstration by Pacific UAV Technology out of Banks, Oregon.
Billed as a company “Built by Loggers, for Loggers,” their crew were on hand to show just how versatile the unmanned aircraft are. Local logging outfits use drones which help to minimize risk to logging crews, and drones have proven their worth on search and rescue missions as well.”


The Daily Astorian

“Everybody was amazed,” said Jody Uerling, a volunteer with the fire department. “They thought the drag was going to be a big issue.”
The fire department already uses a remote-controlled boat that can carry life preservers and act as a flotation device. The support from drones is necessary given the manpower it takes to launch a traditional rescue, he said.”

“The real game-changer, had to be the final demonstration, where their large drone flew over to the swimmer, dropped a life-ring and then actually towed the swimmer back to shore.
This writer has been involved in water rescue for more than two decades and can say that this type of capability is as ground-breaking as when jet-skis first became a tool for local water rescue teams. But a drone, when its use is appropriate, essentially eliminates the risk to the rescuer’s life.”
Tillamook County Sheriff's Office

“The dollar value (of using a drone) is a big deal, but the safety factor is insurmountable,” he says. “It shows just how much this industry has embraced technology to keep people safe.”

Scott Grigg

Rayonier's Timber Production Forester, Featured in Rayonier News Stories

“It’s a good tool. If we didn’t have that option, we would’ve taken a few more days to get across,”

Ed Bryant

Owner of ENB Logging, Featured in Rayonier News Stories

“It’s definitely going to save a hooktender from pulling his ass off.”

Colton Befus

Hooktender , Featured in The Daily Astorian

Save Money

Logging Sites cost a lot of money to keep in operation. If you want to balance those costs out, the best way to do that is with a fast-paced environment. Why not make it easier on your employees and give them a tool that helps ease that stress. Finish those Layouts in Minutes, and Fly objects out to the brush instead of packing them. You’ll soon find out that these drones will pay for themselves within weeks of using and increase profits for your company.  

Free Up Your Hook Tender

The biggest job that a Hook Tender has is pushing to get a large layout done as fast as possible. It’s a daunting task when you look down the canyon at a 5000 ft layout and wonder how much man power you have to get down there as fast as possible. The thing with these drones, is that you never have to pull that haywire again. The hook tender has more time to go help out in the brush and create an even faster paced environment with one extra person.

We Help Through Everything

  Pacific UAV Technology is here for you every step of the way. We come to you and demo. We help with extensive training in order to help you become a professional pilot. Our very experienced pilots have been faced with numerous challenges in the logging industry and know what to do. If you crash, we will spend every minute repairing to help get it up and flying ASAP. We are available 24/7 for every question you may have.


Increase Motivation and Safety

Let’s face it, Logging is a tough job. Fatigue is inevitable and one of the major safety problems that Logging Companies face today. Waking up before dawn, and working hard labor for 8 hours a day can take a toll mentally and physically. These drones are a way to limit part of that. When the layout is done for the crew, it eases everyone’s job and conserves energy.